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BB Brush,

I was recently introduced to an amazing beauty product called the BB Brush. In this article, I interviewed the creator, Daniela Todorovic. She explains what the BB Brush is, what the benefits are, and where you can get it.


As the creator of BB Brush, what made you come up with the idea?

I fell in love with dry brushing 12 years ago while on a trip to London and bought my first dry brush. The dry brushing method has been popular in the UK for a long time and part of daily beauty rituals for many people. I love it! I travel a lot and have noticed the spas from Tokyo to LA to Toronto featured this treatment on their spa menus. I wanted to create an exciting new beauty tool that would use natural fibers to exfoliate skin. BB (Body Beauty) Brush idea was born and bespoke marketing wanted to motorize it for easier application. It’s 12,000 natural tampico hairs rotate 82 RPMs so it is very gently to one’s skin. As we developed this new beauty tool and as our creative juices were flowing, we added features so that everyone out there could have access to 1 tool, with 3 multiple applications.

Tell me about your company?

Bespoke is a multi-service marketing company focused on the Direct TV and Live Shopping platforms. We are based in Toronto and deal with a network of product developers & distributors around the globe to bring new and exciting products to consumers world wide.

What is your background?

I have been involved with international distribution for over 2 decades and have launched hundreds of products in almost every language and in every channel of distribution.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Waking up knowing that every day will be different….no day is the same but rather filled with various challenges and new learning experiences. It is one of a kind VIP box to watch consumers around the world reacting to new products. It is really rewarding seeing these products on the retail shelves from Eastern Europe to Brazil, from Japan to Canada.

What advice can you give other women entrepreneurs to inspire them?

Stay focused, disciplined and persistent. It comes down to these 3 ingredients whether you are launching a start up, innovating, or selling a new idea.

Who were some of your inspirations in life and why?

My mom. Her will, her courage, her understanding for others and also always taking the time to mentor people and recognizing the importance of mentorship.

What is the BB Brush?

See above.

What are the benefits of the BB Brush?

Spinning, all natural brush that exfoliates to reveal smooth, younger looking skin. No harsh chemicals, peels, etc.

What makes BB Brush unique?

Tampico fibers that come from the Mexican agave plant. So it is an all-natural way of getting rid of old and dull skin.

Where can we find/buy BB Brush?