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Every time I see the photo above, the caption makes me laugh. Do you ever wonder what it would look like if Jesus had a Twitter account? If He used Instagram, or was on facebook? What would His accounts look like? Who would He follow? Who would follow Him? I bet you would be surprised.

Would He use the name “TheRealJesus” or “TheJesus” because @Jesus was already taken by an imposter. And if you made Him mad, would He click “unfollow” or “block” or “unfriend” you? No way. Jesus is awesome and He loves everyone. That’s what we need on Twitter, and Facebook, and all social media…more love.

I’d love to see what Jesus would write, and what His posts would look like. What pictures would He put up for everyone to see? I wonder if He would tag people in a group photo, or take a crazy selfie, and then write a whitty message. And when He added His family members to His profile, what would that look like? Would God be listed as His Father and Mary and Joseph as His Godparents? You, and I, and the entire world would be listed as His brothers and sisters. Wow that would be amazing to see Jesus on social media! He might even bypass Katy Perry or Justin Bieber on twitter. 

Remember when Ellen broke Twitter the day she took the infamous selfie at the Oscars…I can only imagine what Jesus would do with an epic post or photo. If Jesus were on social media today, what would His selfies look like? What would He use as His Twitter avatar or Facebook profile picture? Most importantly, I wonder if I would be in any of His photos.

What would Jesus use as a hashtag? And of course…would He have the mighty blue check mark next to His name on Twitter to say that He is verified. Just a little something silly to think about. Because we all know, that at the end of the day, Jesus doesn’t care about social media. He doesn’t care how popular we are, or how many followers we have, He cares about us! What matters with Jesus is our heart, and how we treat others. 

Whenever I’m on social media, especially Twitter these days, I see so much hate, anger, and hurt. It breaks my heart, and it’s so incredibly sad to see people in so much pain that they have to hurt others to make themselves feel better, or to feel like they are heard.

We have this amazing platform on social media to spread good news, encourage others, and to make the world a happy place. But instead, we take our own insecurities and pain and lash out on innocent people who we don’t even know, or who we have never even met. We say horrible things to them, and it’s just not right. Who are we to judge. We have no idea what they are going through. 

Our world is crazy right now, and social media is filled with so many haters, and people who are down right mean and nasty. That’s why I wonder what kind of responses and comments Jesus would get if He were on social media today. And what His response would be to others who are being unkind. 

We live in a time where things like social media replace real relationships with human beings. It’s kind of scary to see the world change in such a negative way. We are losing touch with humanity and each other, and becoming a self absorbed culture that no longer knows how to communicate. We text instead of talk. We FaceTime, Skype, or message somebody instead of sitting down face to face with them. We email when we need to break good or bad news to someone. We are losing our communication skills, and our physical contact skills with one another, and replacing them with technology, text messages, and emails. Now don’t get me wrong, Technology is great, and social media is great, but only if we use it in a positive way and in moderation.

Our schedules are all so hectic and stressful. We hardly have time for anything anymore. Including God. Well today I made time for God, and it made me think of the topic “What if Jesus was on social media” for my new blog article. The heart behind my message is to encourage all people to be a little more loving, and kind to one another. And to spend more time with God, and with each other. 

If you are fortunate enough to live in the same city or state as your family members or friends, take the time to visit with them. Talk with them in person, and spend quality time with them. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. And for the love of God, let’s all start to be a little more kind and loving to one another. The world would truly be a better place if we all just started to love, respect, and understand each other more. Sometimes we need to just set our hatred and pain aside, and replace it with love. Hate and anger never solve anything. Love wins every time.

Maybe if Jesus was on social media today, we would actually listen to Him. Maybe we would take His teachings, and apply them to our lives, and bless others because of it. Lord knows we could all use a good dose of unconditional love. I challenge you to take some time today to put your phones down, and computers away for just a few minutes, and give that time to God. 

Start small by setting aside just 5 minutes to connect with the creator of the universe. You will see that He’s far more interesting than social media. 

And let’s not forget, that God gave life to the geniuses who created Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever else we are using to connect with the world. So imagine if we went straight to the source. God is the mastermind behind all knowledge, creativity, and connections. Wait till you tap into His network. It surpasses them all. 

He’s waiting. And He’s always there. Just like Twitter. Only better. Give it a try. Give Him a “follow”… literally.